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Customer Furnished Parts Policy

Installation of customer furnished (C/F) parts, inclusive to customer furnished outside labor services, on customer aircraft at AVSTAR by the customer, or by AVSTAR employees, are subject to the following limitations:

  1. C/F parts will not be allowed if the part(s) or a reasonable substitution is a normal stock item in AVSTAR's inventory.
  2. C/F parts must be delivered to AVSTAR with all suppliers documentation, such as 8130-3, packing list with statement of conformity, PMA paperwork, etc.  No part will be installed without such paperwork.
  3. Installation of C/F parts will be solely at the risk of the customer.  If the part becomes damaged or otherwise unserviceable during installation, the customer is responsible for replacement part, as well as additional time involved with replacement of the part.  If an incorrect or incomplete part is provided by the customer, the customer is responsible for supplying the complete or correct part.  Any action taken by AVSTAR employees to correct these situations will be invoiced at the prevailing shop rate.
  4. If, during the course of use of the C/F part, it fails to perform satisfactorily due to design, suppliers', or manufacturers' fault, the customer is responsible for any and all charges relating to the replacement of said part.  Any action taken by AVSTAR employees to correct the situation will be invoiced at the prevailing shop rate.
  5. A handling charge of no less than 5% (five percent) of the manufacturers published list price will be invoiced as a handling charge for all C/F parts.  Exception:  C/F complete engines, as spec'd by the original manufacturer, or outside labor complete engine overhaul services.  (This charge is for parts traceability issues, not liability issues; customer assumes all liability.) 

On request, the customer is entitled to a copy of this policy.

This policy may be amended as required.  Current policy amendment date is December 12, 2008.