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07-10-2012 Ask Mike! Question
Did you do the extended baggage compartment on your F35?


On your F35, did you do the extended baggage compartment with long third window, large baggage door, hat shelf, and fishing pole tube yourself?  What did it cost?  I am looking to do same in an H35.

Yes, in house, done on a field approval based on out of production Beech kits.  Also added the D'Shannon ventilation system STC.  Used parts, a couple of new local fabricated skins.  If I recall correctly, parts were in the $1K range (8 - 9 years ago), and about 200-225 hours.  One thing that caught me by surprise when doing this was the forward elevator trim cable had to be changed out for a later model one.

Impressive.  Where does one find the out of production Beech kit?  

Through a network of associates, one finds the drawings and uses that as a basis.  Would you like a copy?  Where are you located at?  Be happy to estimate the project and do it for you.