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Transformation story:  The mythical Unicorn gets a few upgrades. 

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Part 1, the heart of the matter.

A bold presence, this Cessna T207 rolls into AVSTAR after an avionics update for a new engine.  This aircraft is now destined to operate in the San Juan Islands of Washington State, performing primarily low altitude work.  The tired TSIO-520 engine is not part of the continuing story for this aircraft.

A tired TSIO-520 engeine in a Cessna 207

TSIO-520 engine being removed from Cessna 207

Cessna T207 during engine removal

TSIO-520 engine

Cessna T207 exhaust

Exhaust on Cessna T207

Aside the usual loose rivets and minor sheet metal work normally encountered at an engine change, the turbo was to be omitted and the exhaust returned to normally aspirated configuration.  So, we had a hole to fill.....

Exhaust alteration on Cessna 207

Sheet meteal repair to Cessna 207

Cessna 207 sheet metal repair

...and more holes to make.

New exhaust on Cessna 207

Exhaust being installed on 207

New exhaust 207

207 new exhaust

The finished product includes a new air induction system as well as the exhaust due to loosing the turbocharger, so it is less busy under the cowl.  Also, you may note another addition; a B&C stand-by alternator has been added.  Oh yes, let me not forget to tell you this installation is an IO-550 now; the STC holder for this, as well as supplier of the conversion kit is Davis Aviation, of Bristol, TN.

New engine being installed in a Cessna 207

Cessna 207 getting a B&C alternator

New IO-550 engine in a Cessna 207

IO-550 engine

New IO550 engine in a T207

The transformation continues in part 2, body building.