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Transformation story:  The mythical Unicorn gets a few upgrades. 

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Part 2, Body Building

Cessna built a very capable aircraft with the 207 airframe, but there are a few things that could use some help.

Cessna 207 before modification

Cessna 207 wing being prepared for modification

Enhancing the airflow over the wings will be done in three steps.  The first will be installation of the Sportsman STOL re-curved leading edge.  The support for the new skins are actually foam blocks that are carefully located then bonded to the original skins.

Sportsman STOL kit being installed on a Cessna 207

Installation of STOL kit on 207

After the nose blocks are cured, the skins are fit and pulled into position, attaching holes for the rivets are located, drilled and de-burred.  Then they are bonded to the blocks and blind-riveted to the wing

New skins for STOL kit being installed

Cessna 207 getting a STOL kit

Step two is the installation of the RMD cambered wingtips with recognition lighting.  Aircraft was sent out for paint touch-up as needed.

The third airflow enhancement (vortex generators) will likely happen when the aircraft receives an over-all corrosion control, probably in a year or two.  I think the 'ol girl looks pretty good right now.

Modified Cessna 207

Cessna 207 with modifications

The transformation is started in part 1, the heart of the matter.